Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Items Have Been Posted

Joni's Jewels has new pieces which have been posted to the website!  Listed below are the new pieces which have been added to the site:

Skull - Me and My Doll
Sea Horse - Me and My Doll
Purple Seashells - Me and My Doll
Pink Starfish - Me and My Doll
Rockstar - Me and My Doll
Crystal Icicle - Me and My Doll
Diamond Hearts - Me and My Doll
Shell Pisces - Me and My Doll
Elephants - Me and My Doll
Green Sandal - Young Girl Choker
Lattice Heart - Young Girl Choker
Holy Bible - Young Girl Choker
Pink Flip-Flop - Young Girl Choker
Fushia Heart - Young Girl Choker
Lime Peace - Young Girl Necklace
Turquoise Peace - Young Girl Necklace
Pink Love - Young Girl Necklace
Crystal Flower - Young Girl Necklace
Yellow Peace - Young Girl Necklace
Elephant Coin - Young Girl Necklace
Peace Heart - Young Girl Necklace
Easter Foam - Young Girl Necklace
Pearls with Brown - Necklace
USA - Lanyard
Easter Eggs - Lanyard

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